Protecting Trees on Development Sites: A Good Example of Worst Practice

During a recent drive around a local town, we came across a building site. The billboards were advertising a new housing development.  Once complete, it would comprise eight residential properties. Unfortunately, the site attracted our attention for all the wrong reasons. What we saw was a prime example of when laws to protect trees on development sites are ignored

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Mortgage Tree Reports: Why You Might Need One When Buying a Property

Hooray - the sun has finally got its hat on and it seems spring is here at last! Traditionally, spring is a time when the property market gets a boost as people start thinking about moving home.  It is also when tree consultants like us see an increase in enquiries about our services.  Why?  Because some homebuyers will find

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All About Arboriculture

Arboriculture is a tricky word. For one thing, it doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue.  Also, we find that more often than not, most people we speak to aren’t entirely sure what it means. The first part, ‘arbor’, is Latin for tree. Simply put, arboriculture refers to the cultivation, management and study of trees and shrubs.

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