Do you have a problem tree that you suspect is causing damage to your property?  Maybe the tree doesn’t belong to you and you need help to address the issue?

As experienced tree specialists, we offer tree damage reports for businesses, homeowners and the public sector.  Whatever the problem, we can provide a thorough, professional assessment of the situation.  This includes a detailed report of our findings and recommendations.

tree damage from roots

Tree damage to property

There are a variety of ways in which trees and their roots can affect nearby buildings and their foundations.  Damage can be caused directly, by the incursion of roots into or against structures.  Sometimes, the damage is indirect, caused by the effect that growing trees have on the moisture content and composition of surrounding soil.

As a result, you might see:

  • Changes to the exterior or interior of a building.  This is usually due to subsidence and is visible in the forms of cracks.
  • Cracks in and uprooting of exterior areas like driveways and pathways.

Tree damage issues: how we can help

If you are experiencing any of these problems, you may be considering making an insurance claim.  You might even be considering taking legal action against the owners of the tree.

We can help by:

  • Confirming that damage to a property has occurred.
  • Assessing whether or not tree roots are the likely cause of the damage.
  • Assessing the likelihood that further damage will occur.
  • Making recommendations about the immediate and future management of the tree, which can help minimise or prevent any further damage.

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