Going Green: UK tree planting initiatives that are having the biggest impact

Trees and woodland cover 11,200 square miles (or 11.8 percent) of the total land area of the UK.  After millennia of this decreasing, there is now an international drive to increase tree and woodland coverage.  Tree planting initiatives play a large role in this. Why are trees important? With trees and woodland so important in capturing carbon

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Protecting trees on development sites: a good example of bad practice

During a recent drive around a local town, we came across a building site. The billboards advertised a new housing development that would consist of eight residential properties. Unfortunately, the site attracted our attention for all the wrong reasons. What we saw is a prime example of when laws designed to protect trees on development sites are ignored or

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All About Arboriculture

Arboriculture is a tricky word. For one thing, it doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue.  Also, we find that more often than not, most people we speak to aren’t entirely sure what it means. The first part, ‘arbor’, is Latin for tree. Simply put, arboriculture refers to the cultivation, management and study of trees and shrubs.

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