Are you planning to submit a planning application?  Perhaps you’re considering buying land for development?  If so, you might need an ecology survey.

Ecology surveys assess whether development is likely to have an adverse impact on the surrounding wildlife or habitats.  They’re very important because the findings can place significant constraints on planned works.  In fact, they are often needed before a planning application is submitted.

At Apex we offer a range of ecological surveys and reports to suit your needs. We can also provide advice on which survey is best for you.

Ecology surveys: wild flowers
Preliminary Ecological Appraisal

A Preliminary Ecological Appraisal (PEA) is the most commonly requested survey at project planning stage.  It looks at the habitats and vegetation that are present on the site and surrounding areas.  Furthermore, it looks at those that could be present.  The assessment involves:

  • Gathering baseline ecological data.  This is done via a desktop study and a walkover survey.
  • Identifying key constraints on the proposed development.
  • Identifying any mitigation measures.
  • Highlighting enhancement measures.
  • Recommending whether additional, more detailed surveys are needed.
Extended Phase 1 Habitat Survey

Part of the PEA, this survey involves mapping and describing the identified habitats.

It is carried out according to JNCC’s 2010 guidelines.  Read them here.

Ecological Walkover Survey

An ecological walkover survey is a quick, cost effective appraisal of an area.  It identifies the habitats and species present (or likely to be present).

Protected species survey

Sometimes, initial ecology surveys indicate the presence of protected species.  In these cases, a protected species survey is a legal requirement.  The type of survey and the mitigation needed will vary.  That’s because it depends on the species identified.

We can help with ecology surveys for protected species.  This includes:

  • Bats

  • Great crested newts

  • Badgers

  • Otters

  • Reptiles

  • Water voles

We also offer pre-commencement checks for nesting birds.

ecology surveys: water vole
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  • Competitively priced.

  • Quick turnaround.  We aim to produce your report within 10 days of the survey.

  • Friendly, professional service from a qualified surveyor.

  • Clear, easy to read reports.

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