World Record Tree Planting Attempt in India


More than 800,000 volunteers have come together in Northern India to attempt a world record tree planting marathon!

The environmental exercise took place earlier this week in Uttar Pradesh, led by the state’s chief minister Akhilesh Yadav.

Like the rest of the world, India’s tree population is dwindling and the record attempt is designed to help reverse that process.

Yadav commented ‘Serious efforts are needed to mitigate the effects of climate change’ when he addressed crowds who had gathered to take part in the city of Kannauj.

The previous record for the most trees planted in a day was set in 2013 in Pakistan, when volunteers planted almost 850,000 trees in a twenty four hour period.

Environmental Law professor Edward Parson conceded that the feat represents ‘a small contribution to India’s greater climate commitments’.

Dr Anit Mukherjee of the Center for Global Development explained that the exercise would not engender major effects on India’s carbon output, but would help to highlight and publicise India’s big environmental issues – land use, deforestation and pollution.

Other officials complained that the publicity stunt was actually harmful to trees, estimating that more than 40% of trees planted were likely to die due to lack of water or disease.

A spokesperson from the Guinness Book of World Records explained that it could take up to eight weeks before India’s success is verified and those who took part find out if they have broken the record set by Pakistan.

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