Tree reports in accordance with BS5837:2012


Tree Reports in Accordance With BS5837:2012

All of our BS5837:2012 Tree Report includes:

• Tree Survey

• Arboricultural Impact Assessments (including the heads and terms of the Method Statement)

• Tree Constraints Plans

• Tree Protection Plans

• Arboricultural Method Statement

BS5837:2012 Tree Reports are planning applications involving trees. They must be carried out by a qualified Arboricultural Consultant.
AEL Tree Consultants offer a wealth of Tree Report services for developers allowing them to maximise development potential including:

• Identifying tree issues prior to land purchase
• Tree surveys and constraints plans
• Arboricultural Impact Assessment and Tree Protection plans
• Advice and inspections throughout development
• About the Tree Reports Process
• All of our plans are produced on the latest version of AutoCAD and are detailed and informative

There are five main processes involved in creating a BS5837:2012 Tree Report:

1.  Arboricultural survey and Tree Constraints Report in accordance with BS5837:2012
2. Constraints Plan assessment
3. Arboricultural Impact Assessment
4. Tree Protection Plans showing tree protection fencing, storage of materials, car parking, tree works and any other necessary requirements
5. Arboricultural Method Statement

If you’re thinking of making a planning application then take a look at our blog to find out everything you need to know about Tree Reports in Accordance With BS5837:2012
Alternatively, you can call or email us to make an enquiry.

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